How We Dress Our Beds

May 17, 2021

How We Dress Our Beds

Ever wonder how we style our own beds? Scroll down for a glimpse into a few of our bedrooms.


Jennifer's Bedroom

My bed is my space where all else melts away - good bedding has always been an important part of my life. A mix of new and old favorites that I wash in my signature scent, the Laundress detergent featuring my perfume from Le Labo - Rose 31.  I layer Coyuchi sateen sheets (swoon) with my grandmother’s Bates Mill bedspread and my latest addition-- Pom Pom at Home’s Luna duvet in blush... I’m in love. Seriously, I sigh each night I get into bed! Also on my bed are the Logan big pillows - perfect for reading the Sunday times while sipping coffee.

My bed is never perfectly made, I prefer it relaxed and a titch messy. Magazines are on the floor or on the bed and stacks of books cover my nightstand and yes I have charging cords for my iPad and iPhone, always browsing Insta, chatting with friends and listening to my 10% Happier Meditation app.

I’ve had my favorite rug for years and my most recent bedroom splurge are my sconces - I’m becoming a real grown up as I enter my late 40’s.

My bed is my sanctuary.


Olivia's Simple Bed

I like to keep my bed making quick and easy. My sheets and duvet are a crinkled percale minimalist set from Coyuchi. The minimalist set foregoes the top sheet, eliminating one piece in the bed making process. When I first started working at Home Remedies a few years ago I decided that I needed to attempt to use a sewing machine at least once in my life, my floral euro shams are the outcome of my experiment. On top of adding some color, they double as a shield between my sleeping pillows and my pups. When I leave for the day I pull my quilt up over all of the pillows in case one of my furry friends decides to take a nap (in theory they are only allowed on TOP of the quilt... in theory).

Puppy nose poking out from under sheets

Ann Marie:

Ann Marie's lovely pink bed with floral pillow

J’adore mon lit! That’s what I say every night when I settle into my bed. And yes, I iron my sheets, both flat and fitted and sprinkle them with Roberts Borotalco from Florence, Italy. Picture to follow. I also make my bed every morning and make sure that I fluff the pillows. I once read that if you make your bed everyday and end up having what feels like an unproductive day, at least you will have accomplished making your bed. I also refer to my bed as the floating ship and I love nothing more than to drift on my ship with the Lila and Artie.

The white pillow cases are by PomPom, grey wool blanket is Coyuchi, my sheets are Pine Cone Hill, floral pillow made by yours truly.

Ann Marie's special bed powder


Though we have different bedding styles, we all agree on one thing - good sheets are the cornerstone to a luxurious bed. Whether you like a silky sateen like Jen, a crisp percale like Olivia, or indulgent linen like Ann Marie, a good pair of sheets turns your bed into a sanctuary.

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