Kels Haley Textiles - Check Them Out!

May 04, 2021

Kels Haley Textiles - Check Them Out!

Did you know that Home Remedies' very own Kelsey just launched her second line of fabrics? Her brand, Kels Haley Textiles, is fun, fresh, and completely drool-inducing. For your enjoyment, and ours, we sat down with Kelsey and asked her a few questions about her most recent textiles.

How long have you been designing your own textiles?

I went to school for textile fashion design at MECA.

After graduating I started to hand paint my textiles on cotton or linen grounds and sew them into products to sell at craft shows in Portland. Eventually this led to me translating my designs into digital printing on fabrics by the yard.

What originally attracted you to textile design?

At first I thought I was going to be a photography major but eventually I started to take printmaking classes and would silkscreen onto fabric, which led me down the road to textile design. When my love of textiles started to come to fruition I realized it has been in my blood all along. My grandmother also used to hand paint textiles, sew them into pillows and would display at craft shows. She would sign all her pillows by what we called her, “Ahma”. Where did you find the inspiration for you most recent line?

My most recent collection was inspired by vintage coloring books, cottages and the longing for spring.

Where can people see/ purchase your textiles and pillows?

My textiles and pillows are available at and will also soon be available here at Home Remedies!
Do you have anything new in the works? Are you constantly creating? Taking a break?

I am giving myself some time to gain some new inspiration and really dwell on what else I want to bring into this world. I do believe I see wallpapers on the horizon and I have dreams of doing a collaboration between me and my late grandmother’s paintings. I want to pay tribute to her. I plan to take my time on this as it would be a very special and personal collection.

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